Gotta Hit Them in the Gut

By the time someone has reached their early 50’s, they have had to make nearly 8 billion… billion with a B… decisions.  Up to this point, many of those decisions were well thought out. 

However, after making so many decisions, we all tend to think less and rely on our instincts.  We make more and more decisions with our gut.  That’s important for us to keep in mind as most of the decisions that our retired clients make will be much more centered on how they “feel” about the decision.

Any advisor worth their salt knows that emotions trump logic when it comes to clients making decisions… but then why do so many advisors whip out charts, graphs, and tables to prove their point?

Stop doing that!  You need to become an expert storyteller.  Just talking about features, advantages and benefits is not going help you close sales or get more people in your office.  In all your sales and marketing, make sure you are using emotionally compelling ideas, words, and pictures. 

Not sure if you are?  Simply show what you are doing to some of your best clients and ask them how they feel when they see it.  That will give you the answer as to how effective you are.

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