Become Your Audience’s Source of Information to Get Them Talking to You

A really easy way to get a conversation going with your target audience is to curate quality content from other sources, be they online, magazines, podcasts, or blogs.  It’s completely OK to borrow content from other sources as long as you credit the source.

Remember, this is your industry, and you are immersed in what’s happening.  New ideas… techniques to help your clients… changes that will affect people’s finances… the landscape is continually changing.  You are on top of it, but your clients are out living their lives.  They depend on you to keep them up to date on things they should know about or find interesting.

There are many tools out there to help you aggregate good information.  One that I use is Feedly.  It is free, and you can set filters to only send you articles that meet those requirements.  Sending free information to your target audience is an easy way to stay in contact and encourage them to reach out to you with questions.

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