Creating that Thing that People Actually Want

The average American is exposed to between 3,000 and 7,000 marketing messages a day.  But how many of these do they actually notice.  We have all gotten really good at almost instantaneously determining whether something deserves our attention.

We glance… our brain analyzes the message to determine if it is of interest… and if it’s NOT interesting… our brain flushes it immediately.  If it didn’t flush it immediately, our heads would explode by the end of the day.  That’s why even though we are exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day… we can’t remember any of them by the end of the day.

Unless… somebody gives us a message that interests us.  Something that pertains to us, something that will make our lives better or more interesting.  If you want your marketing to succeed, you MUST understand and leverage THAT fact. If you do, then people will see… read… understand… and act on your marketing.

So, how do we come up with something that can get your prospects to stop and take notice?  You must create solutions to problems that NONE of your competition is talking about.  If you want to stand out… you can’t sound like everybody else.

You can accomplish this by thinking about your target market AND your particular area of expertise.  What do you know that your competition does not… or if they do know… they don’t talk about?

Here’s some idea starters:

  • Make an invisible service visible –What do you do behind the scenes that you could show people.  How many people love to see the pizza cooks throwing the dough to make the round pizza crust?  That’s making the invisible, visible.  Maybe instead of just doing your analysis, you ask if people want to participate in creating the analysis with you.
  • Save your prospect an enormous amount of time or hassle –create a service where you’ll go into their home and help them go through their records to clean out those things that can be thrown away.  Bring a shredder with you and shred their things on site. You could even train a staff member to do this service as a representative of your office.  (send out a press release and your service might get picked up as a story on the local news!)
  • Get onboard with a local charity or foundation –pledge to give a certain percentage of your profits each year to that cause.
  • Disrupt an industry standard –Do something that your competitors do… but in a completely different way.  Maybe send your clients a video explaining their statements and results each quarter or twice a year.  It wouldn’t need to be more than 5 minutes.

Think outside the box and your messages will resonate and be heard.  Be different and be seen.

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How to Turbo Charge Your Business in 2021

After a challenging 2020, it is essential that you come out of the gates in 2021 fast.  You have a month to get your business and marketing retooled to make that happen.  So, what adjustments are you making?

The most effective way to grow your business is to zero in on what your target market needs… and a “best in class” solution to those needs.

In her book, Turning Silver into Gold, Dr. Mary Furlong identifies the 8 key areas that affluent boomers spend their money on.  You should use these to put your mouth, where their money is.  Talk to them… market to them… create solutions for them around one or two of these areas.

Top 8 Things Affluent Boomers Spend Their Money On:

  1. Health
  2. Travel
  3. Passions and leisure
  4. Sexuality and Romance
  5. Fashion and beauty
  6. Housing
  7. Family
  8. Elder Care

Which of these things is your marketing leveraging?  What are you doing that focuses on client health? Are you putting an emphasis on the wrong place? 

We see that Family is #7.  So, should we be emphasizing estate planning or being able to afford the best health care to slow aging?  Get your thinking caps on and think about how you can leverage one of the top 3, then you’ll be well on your way to FINALLY getting your target markets’ attention.

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And Another Thing…

Another type of list people love… and can even get you some free press… is statistics.  Create a short list of statistics… and more importantly, how the service you provide to your clients can help people capitalize on the information related in the statistics.

You can come up with your own list or simply type into Google:

  • Interesting financial facts
  • Fun stock market facts
  • Unusual tax facts
  • Facts about banks
  • S&P 500 facts
  • Etc.
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A List of Things to Get You More Clients

One of the most effective ways to market is by creating lists. People love lists. That is why you see them promoted so often on Social Media. So, why not create your own top 10 list and…

  • Promote it on your website
  • Send it out to your local newspaper, tv and radio media outlets*
  • Send it out to your clients via email and encourage them to forward it to friends and relatives

What kind of lists could you create? The sky’s the limit but here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Top 10 mistakes stock brokers make with their clients
  • 5 Things you should NEVER shred… and what to do with them instead
  • Top 10 Things you should do with your portfolio before the end of the year
  • 5 Things you should never do with your cash
  • Etc.

*Not sure how to write a press release or how to get your information to local media outlets? Here’s a How to Guide courtesy of 5Q Group.

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What is the BEST way to market? Here’s what customers say…

What is the best way to get your message out to prospects? You might be surprised by the #1 choice of consumers.  Take a look at the research illustrated in the graphic below.  This research was done by Marketing Sherpa, one of the most respected marketing research companies out there.

Now ask yourself, which of these am I using?  And which would be giving me a bigger bang for the buck?


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You Win… When They Win

How do you get prospects’ attention?  The media’s attention?  Think about running a contest.  People love to show people how good they are at things.  A contest generates excitement and can easily get picked up by the media and get you some free press.

There are plenty of sites and software that can help you create this type of contest if you just Google “contest software”.

Here are some different contest ideas:

Photo Contests:  These are easy for both you and the public.  Take a look at Harpoon Brewery’s Instagram account as an example of how easy it can be.  How do you steer it toward wealth management or financial advice?  Here’s some ideas… ask them to send in pics of their best dollar origami… or their best pics of the Monopoly Game “rich guy”… or best pics of vacations their money bought… there are all sorts of ways to leverage this idea.

Just a plain, old lottery contest:  Want to get contact information on a bunch of people in your target demographic?  Run a contest giving away five separate $100 gift cards.  I know an advisor that does this constantly, and always gets hundreds of entries and a couple of pieces of business every time he does it.

Submit your Vote or Complete the Quiz contest:  People love to share their opinions and show how smart they are.  These types of contests capitalize on that need. 

Picture Caption Contest:  Tap into people’s creativity and humor by asking them to create a caption for a picture that you post.  This can really create some traction with people sharing the contest and the funniest captions.

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Hello? What Happens Next Can Make or Break the Sale

The use of cell phones and voice mail in today’s world can sometimes make you wonder if you’ll ever talk to a person live, ever again.  This reality can often lead to you having a sense of complacency.  And when this happens, you could find yourself surprised and unprepared when someone actually DOES pick up the phone.

So now, instead of rolling out your perfectly rehearsed and practiced voicemail, you are surprised.  You try to say something smart and intriguing that will keep them on the phone.  What happens instead?  You stumble and what comes out is, fumbled and jumbled.


Big client actually picks up the phone and says, “Hello?”

Advisor: “Hi! This is Bob with Bob’s Wealth Management.  How are you today?”

Big Client: “I’m busy.  What is this about?”

Advisor: “I’d like to talk to you about how we are able to help our clients lower their taxes, increase their income and have more peace of mind in retirement.”

Big Client: “I already have an advisor that does that.  I’m really busy.  Thanks for calling.  And oh yeah, put me on your do not call list.”

End of call.

What could have made that call more effective?  Here are several tips to help you turn and uninterested prospect… to an interested prospect on the phone.

  1. Have a UNIQUE selling proposition—after introducing yourself you NEED to have a simple proposition that they WANT… and that they have NEVER heard before.
    1. Here’s an example my advisor’s use:
      I get homeowners born before 1957, in Olmsted County, 21 little known benefits they are owed… but not receiving—Including:
      – A program to protect your wife from losing 1/2 her Social Security Income at your death.
      – A program to cover 2-years of long-term care costs… without paying a cent in annual premiums

  2. Be polite but serious—prospects are suspicious of people who are over happy and enthusiastic. 
  3. Ask them a provocative question—after using the USP above, you might ask, “Have you ever applied for the program that will replace your spouse’s Social Security income when they pass away?”
  4. After they give you the answer you want—ask them if they have time to speak now, or would they like to schedule a time that would work better for them.

The beauty of this formula is that it will help you develop a more effective voicemail message as well!

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How You Can Increase Response Rates to 3.2%

How you can use the same Tipping Point, Hush Puppy shoes utilized, to sell 400% more shoes in just one year.  I used it to make $360,000 from referrals alone.  Get the white paper, “Increase Your Income by $360,000 a Year” courtesy of 5Q Group.  It will walk you through why this approach works so well… and more importantly, how to make it work for you!

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If you have this ONE thing… there has never been a better time to get your message out there

There has NEVER been a better time to advertise than right now… IF you have a Unique Selling Proposition that works.  There are so many places you can post your USP for free!  Local chat rooms… neighborhood blogs… church bulletins… door flyers…local newspapers are offering dirt cheap advertising rates right now, as are local specialty magazines.

With a fantastic USP, there has never been a better time to get it in front of people.

BUT… if you do not have an effective USP, advertising will not work. 

So, how do you create a USP that will get people calling you?  You can find my step-by-step guide to create a USP that will get people asking…

  • How do you do that?
  • Would that work for me?
  • Can you show me?

Get it here, courtesy of 5Q Group.

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How to Write an Effective Postscript

Studies show that people read the salutation first… and then skip to the bottom and read the p.s.  So it is essential that you write a powerful post script.  Your p.s. should refer to your most bewitching benefit, and your call to action.  You should also handwrite your postscript.  It proves to the reader that this is truly a one of a kind and not mass produced. 

Here are 10 things to keep in mind for your postscript (only use one or two to create a great p.s.):

  1. Motivate action.  Tell the reader to act now.
  2. Restate the offer in the letter again… but this time instill urgency
  3. Introduce a bonus if they take action immediately
  4. Talk about an additional benefit you didn’t talk about in the body of the letter
  5. Emphasize why your offer is unique
  6. Mention the financial benefit of them taking action
  7. If you have a guarantee… eliminate any risk they have by working with you
  8. Tell them how many satisfied clients you already have
  9. Mention your phone number or email again
  10. Stress that time is short… the date the offer expires or the reason why waiting can hurt them

There are many ways you can write a postscript.  Experiment and keep track of the ones that prove most effective.

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