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How to Create a Simple, Yet Powerful Case Study

A good case study is structured with a clear beginning, middle and end that holds your audience’s attention by creating  tension of problems and cosequences… and the anticipation of resolution. The format is simple.  They can be as short as … Continue reading

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What Can You Learn From Hotel Towels?

Understanding the way people think can greatly enhance both your marketing and selling.  One of the world’s foremost experts on how to leverage how people think to persuade them, is Dr. Cialdini. We can very easily use one of the … Continue reading

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A Dozen Tips to Land the Whale at No Cost!

We’ve all thought or heard about Networking.  It’s a fantastic way to land the proverbial whale if you do it right.  Think about it…Networking costs very little but can: • Get you in front of people who would never respond to … Continue reading

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Fantastic Free Advertising… are you using it?

Are you using this fantastic free advertising tool?  The big search engines—Google, Yahoo and Bing allow you to register your business for free, on their services.  You can register with details about your practice and link to your website, blogs … Continue reading

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8 Business Card Blunders

DIY – Save the Do-it-Youselfing for your home projects.  Your business card is a projection of you… you want it as professional as you can possibly get.  High quality paper, printing and fonts. Going Cheap – Business cards are cheap, … Continue reading

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Fill your calendar with a joke?

Watch this 2-minute video to see how this joke and others like it are filling advisors calendars with quality prospects!

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I Guess the Great New Marketing Tool…Isn’t

Only 6% of advisors in 2011 said that Social Media has helped them increase profits…that’s down from 16% in 2009. (source: Aite Group)

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Not seeing enough people?

This 20-minute video will fix that and fill your calendar in the next 45 days.

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What did Smart Money Magazine say about Financial Advisors?

The February 2012 issue of Smart Money Magazine did an article on the Financial Profession and its future. Here’s a glimpse of some of their findings: 250:1 — Ratio of baby boomers to financial advisors 55% — The pass rate … Continue reading

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An About Face on Objections Could Double Your Business

What two crises does every sale have? Objections and “the close”. It’s at these two places that the success or the failure of your sale teeters on the edge. What if you actually used these two crisis moments to create … Continue reading

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