I’ve Been Asked to Speak and I Don’t Have a Presentation!

Many good advisors are asked to speak to groups.  They don’t always give you a lot of time to prepare… and they all have different time limitations and topics they want covered.  So, how do you put together a good presentation, quickly?

The best place to start is at the end.  Yep, the end.  Prepare your summary and conclusion slide first.  List between 3 and 5 topics on the slide.  Psychology has shown that most people are attracted to presentations with 3 main points… you can go as high as 5 points… but anything more than that… you will actually be hurting yourself.

Presentations with over 5 points will generally be viewed as confusing and boring.

Now that you have your summary slide… simply build your presentation around the topics you’ve decided to cover.

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Try this simple thing (next time) at your Trade Show or Expo booth

If you have something people want… and I hope you do… then you must get it into their hands or they’ll never know it!

You spent a lot of money to buy this booth… and you can’t get people to talk to you!  The solution to that problem may be staring you in the face.  Don’t talk to them.

Instead, leave your booth unattended.  People will go into an unattended booth because they don’t feel pressured.

Now, of course, you need to make sure that your offer is appealing and sexy, or this won’t work.  But, if your offer isn’t appealing and sexy, NOTHING is going to work.  So what should your booth look like?

  • Don’t have a table blocking the way into your booth opening. This will encourage people to walk in to your area.
  • Your banner should NOT be a big logo of your company… instead, it should be your Elevator Speech… trumpeting the thing you do that nobody else does.
  • Dedicate a big portion the booth with a bribe for people to sign up for your newsletter (getting them to sign up for a newsletter gives you a dozen reasons to contact them after the show)
  • Have information there that none of your competitors offers… or better yet, even knows about (Our 5Q advisors have been very successful doing this)

Now, go walk around… grab some freebies for yourself…and do some reconnaissance on your competitors.

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You will never have a problem again if you use these 5 simple steps

Trying to overcome objections the same way we did ten years ago, DOES NOT WORK!  Why?  Because we are now working with Baby Boomers… and Baby Boomers think they know everything!  You can’t tell them what’s right or wrong.  You can’t prove anything to them with facts.  They will fight you tooth and nail before they will let you change their mind.

You see, before we were working with the greatest generation.  They respected authority and would listen to us… not so with Baby Boomers.  But don’t fret!  There is a simple and easy way to get clients to overcome their own objections using 5 simple steps.  And yes!  It even works with the “I need to think about it” objection.

You can learn how to do it and see many examples in this 51-minute training video, my gift to you for being a reader of this newsletter.  The training starts at 2 minutes into the video.  Hope it helps you get that next big case when the client waffles!

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Want to Get People to Finally Believe You?

People love to see other people’s mistakes… how many people watch America’s Funniest Home Videos or watch funny videos on YouTube?  Heck!  We are almost addicted to watching other people’s mistakes.

So, how can you capitalize on this?

Show your mistakes!  Whether in your marketing, newsletter or Website… talk about an unadulterated mistake.  Why?  Because people are skeptical of others that paint rosy pictures… people don’t want to be sold or told all the great things about a product, without hearing the negatives as well.

Telling them your, or your products weaknesses, creates trust.  It makes them feel like you won’t try to hide anything from them or only sell them the positives.  AND… It certainly makes you look different (and better) than all your competitors!

Here are some things that work…

  • Walk through a mistake you made with a client… all the problems it caused the client… how you fixed it… and how it changed you as a person.
  • Quote statistics about what investments people are moving money out of… whether it be bonds… mutual funds… or whatever. You find these stats regularly in industry magazines.  Not just your clients, but as an industry whole.
  • Talk about a mistake you made personally… and how it changed you

Don’t make these “sales” stories.  People smell sales talk from a mile away.

Make these emotional stories.  Remember, people buy based on emotions and if you can create some empathy with your story… you are going to get plenty of traction and action!

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Quiz… Which Way is a Better Way to Spend $1,000 on Marketing?

If someone gave you $1,000 and gave you the choice of…

  1. Sending out one postcard to 2,000 people that fit your demographic
  2. Sending out a series of 10 cards to 200 people that fit your demographic

Which would be more effective?  Option one, where you touch 2,000 people?  Or, option two, where you touch 200 people 10 times each?

Nothing beats frequency!  Very few people buy on the first touch.  The average number of touches to make a sale is 7 or 8.

So, given the choice of multiple mailings to fewer people… or one mailing to a lot of people… you will always get a much higher return on your marketing dollar using the multiple mailing method.

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Do This and Watch Response Rate Go up by 400%

This technique is absolutely proven to work.  A firm using this technique got a 12% response rate… but that’s NOT the good news… 4.4% actually became appointments in the office!  How’s that for a direct mail response?

What did they do?  They called BEFORE the prospects got the direct mail.  Now, before you whine about how hard that is… there are services that charge about $50 an hour to make all those calls for you.  Does that add to the expense? Sure… but how much would you pay to send out 100 pieces in the mail and get 4 appointments from it?

Calling before the mail arrives, reduces the chances that it gets thrown in the garbage before it’s even opened.  If you have something people want… ya gotta at least get them to open the envelope… and this does just that!

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Focusing on These 6 Things Will Put Your Marketing and Sales on Steroids

What makes people do things?  In this 5-page guide, you’ll not only identify the 6 things that get people to do things… but more importantly, how to leverage them to increase your sales and income.

Download it here… courtesy of 5Q Group.

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Want a Technique to Get Virtually Everyone to Call You Back?

Want a Technique to Get Virtually Everyone to Call You Back?

Do you have a big prospect that won’t call you back?  Or did a large case ghost you, instead of coming in to sign paperwork?  That can be extremely frustrating.

Here’s how you fix it.  Cut a $20… or $50 dollar… or $100 bill in half.  The dollar amount would be based on how much you want to land the case.  Let them know you’d just like to spend a ½ hour with them to give them the other half. This leverages two powerful human emotions…

  1. Greed
  2. A compulsion for completion. We do not like things left undone… movies unfinished… a game unfinished… a list not completed.  Being presented with a bill that is not complete really bugs us.  It needs to be put back together… the world is not right with the two halves split apart.  Silly?  Yes, but that’s how most people react!

Or a more humorous use of this technique… Buy an inexpensive walkie talkie set… and mail them one of the walkie talkies and let them know you’ve been trying to reach them but the walkie talkie must be broken and you’d like to stop buy with the other one to check it out.

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4 Ways to Make Your Marketing Finally Work

People are hit with hundreds of marketing messages… every.single.day.  How do you cut through the clutter?  You must be different.  Here are 5 ways to do just that…

  1. Shock the client and your rival!
    • Have this statement on your website, “Would you rather work with a firm that chooses to remain small to know each client as a person… or, a large firm with thousands of clients?”
    • Put this in the form of a question… and if they choose the large firm—here’s the shocker—have it hyperlink them direct to Merrill Lynch, Ed Jones, or any of the other big guys of your choice.
    • This points out to the client the big difference between you and the huge firms without having to slam your competitors!
  2. Invite a ghost to dinner
    • Invite some great clients to dinner… along with some great prospects… but YOU DON’T ATTEND. Instead, have a spouse, client or friend “host” the dinner party. That way…
      • There’s no sales talk
      • It turns your clients into informal sales reps
      • And it builds loyalty with current clients
      • This process works surprisingly well for high end clients
  3. Give yourself a public kick to your own heinie! People love to see other people’s mistakes… and they like people that admit to them.
    • Talk about something you or your firm did wrong… and what you learned from it.
  4. Dare to be less professional. All your competitors look the same… why not be a little wild and crazy?  As an example… their was a huge industrial fan company named HVLS, Inc.  Ever hear of them?  Probably not.  They changed their name to Big Ass Fans.  Their sales instantly skyrocketed and have been going up year after year for a decade.
    • Dare to use a little irreverence. People smile and remember you!

What’s the one common characteristic running through all 4 of these ideas?  Be different!  You’ve got to be different to stand out in the commoditized financial arena!

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Get in front 52 new people in 2018 for $10 a Week

Need a simple, easy… and cheap way to get in front of people who want to meet with you?  The trick is to spend just a couple of hours a week… consistently… doing a couple of simple and easy tasks… and by the end of the year you’ll have more appointments than you’ve had in all of 2017.   The key is to do it consistently!

Want to know how?  Here’s the 4-page guide on how to get Inexpensive, high-quality leads… courtesy of 5Q Group.

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