Get Your Message Out There Big Time!

In order to get people to see your message… you have to be doing things… AND putting your message places your competition doesn’t.

How many of your competitors are advertising on bill boards?  Think about it… thousands of drivers are forced to see your message every day!  Not one and done… but every day!  And they are a captured audience.  They are trapped in their car and they can’t turn the channel… delete… ignore… or throw it away.

Outdoor advertising isn’t cheap… but what advertising is?  If you decide to go big by putting your message on a billboard, here are 4 things to keep in mind:

  1. Make it memorable – It is worth investing in some help to come up with a great message and graphics. And remember, you’ll own the ad… so you’ll be able to use it in all sorts of other ways and places as well.
  2. Put it where people will see it – High traffic places cost more, but it makes no sense to save money and then no one sees your message.
  3. Make it different – Take a look at all the other billboards around… and make sure yours stands out by being different.
  4. KISS – The old adage of Keep It Simple Stupid holds here. Remember, they are only going to get a few seconds to read your sign.  Make the image work for you. Your verbiage should be big, short and to the point!
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FIA’s Are More Liquid than Money Management?

This script gets a client to tell you that a 7-year surrender annuity is more liquid than a money management account.

This short video gives you the exact script that gets a client to TELL YOU… that an FIA (with a 7-year surrender) is MORE liquid than a Money Management Account…

  • Obviously, my friend doesn’t want to have this presentation floating around the internet, with other people taking credit for it… but he’d be happy to send it to you at no charge, just shoot an email over to my friend Jeb at Put “Liquidity” in the subject line and he’ll email you the video. ** Please check your SPAM/Junk folder if you don’t receive the requested video **

Just think how powerful it would be to have clients telling you that FIA’s were more liquid than Money Management accounts!

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$2 and Some Sleight of Hand Lands a Client

Has somebody ghosted you?  Want to get them to call back… or even reach out to you on their own?  I just used this idea with one of my advisors and it worked perfectly!

We went online and found directions on how to fold $1 bills into a boot.

He then enclosed 2 boots in a small priority mail box from the USPO with a handwritten note:

Mama need a new pair of shoes?  Let’s get going on our plan to reduce those fees and fix the things we talked about… and you’ll have plenty of “found” money to buy whatever you like… or, you can keep giving it to your broker?  Call me  xxx-xxxx

After over a month of no contact… guess what he got?  A call… an apology for not getting back to him… and a new client.

Think out of the box!  Put smiles on people’s faces!  When you do, people want to work with you.

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What’s Your Number?

The key to growing your business is buying new clients… what?  How do you do that?  Isn’t Marketing just buying clients?  If your marketing is poor… you’ll pay more per client.  If you have good marketing… you’ll pay less per client.

So, how much are you paying per client?  AND… how much do you make, on average, per client?  If you know these two numbers, you are likely to be a very successful advisor.  Why?  Because knowing these numbers does a few things:

  • It makes sure you are only spending money on profitable marketing
  • It makes sure you KEEP doing successful marketing. I can’t tell you how many times in the last 20 years I’ve had an advisor upset about spending $5,000 on marketing… and then when we crunch the numbers and find out they are making $25k… or more… every time they spend the 5k.  How many business owners would like to turn $5,000 into more than $25,000 every month?
  • It tells you how much a new client is worth. This is one thing that will drive an advisor to get better at their sales skills.  Getting just one more client every time you do a marketing campaign is worth what?  When was the last time you worked on your skills to make sure they are getting better every single meeting?  All of my successful advisors record their client meetings and we analyze them together to constantly improve their skills.  Those advisors make over $1 million/yr.

So, do the math…

Cost of Marketing ÷ # of new clients  = Cost per new client

Income from new clients ÷ # of new clients = Ave Income per client

Income per client  ÷ Cost per new client  = ROI

Any ROI that is greater than 1.0 is successful.  Hey, that means you made money!

Most non-financial business would kill for a 2-to-1 ROI.   And successful advisors should be looking at the 5-to-1… all the way up to 20-to-1 ROI.   Where is yours?

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The Best 30-Minutes You Ever Spent

If you want to work with small businesses, you have 20 seconds to get their attention.  Here’s what you do.

  • Get a list of 3 businesses you want to approach with your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Make sure all 3 businesses are close together and then buy either bagels or donuts for each. Now make sure to go there before business hours.  The boss is usually there before everyone else, and it’s probably the slowest part of his/her day.
  • Have this short conversation

If the boss is in, say:

Can I trade you 6 bagels and cream cheese…  for no more than 3-minutes of your time…  to give you an idea on how to lower your taxes… and then you can either kick me out or we can set up a time to get you more information?

The important phrase is “no more than 3-minutes of your time.”  Tell them up front that this will NOT be a long conversation… and the ball will be in their court as to whether they want to meet again later.  This up front declaration makes them much more likely to give you 3-minutes to hook them with your Unique Selling Proposition.

If the boss isn’t in, say:

Can I trade you 6 bagels and cream cheese… for you to let your boss know I’ll be giving him a call for NO MORE than 3-minutes of their time… to give them an idea on how to lower his/her taxes… and if after that 3-minute conversation they want me to take a hike… I will?

This will get you at least one… and most often two meetings a day, if you truly have a unique solution to one of their problems.  I used taxes in this example.

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Want More Appointments? Then Follow Through!

I was scratching my head.  So an advisor used a marketing system that did all the hard work for him.  It found people with more than $1 million who wanted to meet with advisors for second opinions.  Now these were NOT leads… but people that wanted to meet in the advisor’s office.  Awesome right?

I asked him how it was going, and he said about 20% of the people weren’t showing for their appointments.  I asked him how the conversation on the phone went when he called to confirm the appointment.  He told me he hadn’t been doing a confirmation call!

Wow!  I can’t believe he was getting 80% of these people to show up!  He was just relying on the phone call the appointment setting folks had with the wealthy clients.   Think about it… these people made the appointment for a second opinion… and then they hang up and think… “Wait a minute!  Who will I be talking to?  Will they try to hard sell me?  Hmm… maybe we shouldn’t go, after all.”

All he needed to do was give folks a call and have a friendly… non-salesy call with these folks and there is a high likelihood many would have showed up for their appointment.

Always follow through!

  • If you leave a voicemail… follow up with an email, referencing the voicemail
  • If you send a letter… follow up with a phone call and/or an email
  • If someone makes an appointment for you… follow up with a friendly phone call

Don’t rely on just one contact.  If you want to get the most of all your marketing… contact people as many ways as you can… AND give them as many ways to contact you back, as well!

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This is a Terrific Handout or Even Frame it for Your Office

Are you looking for a document that demonstrates that you put your client and their concerns first?  Please accept this done-for-you Financial Hippocratic Oath, courtesy of 5Q Group.  You can use it a number of ways… as a handout at seminars… in your appointment folder… framed and hung on your office wall.  It’s a great way to let people know the values by which you abide.

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This Works to Get Those Big Hitters to Call You Back!

People love humor… and people love themselves.  You can leverage these two things into getting almost everyone to reach out to you.

Using this technique… one guy got President George Bush to reach out to him… one company did this for a mailer of 1,000—and got appointments with 857 of those people.  What did they do?

When you get somebody to laugh, your response rate sky rockets.  So, what these people did was to have a custom, personalized cartoon made, for the person they were trying to get appointments with.

It’s going to cost you a couple of hundred dollars… but isn’t it worth it to get a whale to call you back?

Here’s a couple of sites that can help you do that…

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The ONLY referral that Works… and why all the other referral advice is worthless

Why don’t you get more referrals?  Your clients love you.  They know you are smart and provide great service.  We assume they like their family and friends.  So why don’t they refer more?

The answer is pretty simple.  REJECTION.

It’s why all the other referral systems don’t work.  I’ve read over a dozen books touting that they had cracked the code on how to get referrals… and hundreds of articles claiming the same thing.  They are all the same drivel repackaged.  Worthless advice that does not work.  It’s because they don’t put themselves in the client’s shoes.

We don’t like rejection, but it is part of our job.  However, rejection is NOT part of being a client… so they are not going to put themselves in a position, where they might be rejected.

Think about it.  They go to their friend or family member and say, “Bob!  You gotta work with my advisor!  He’s awesome!  He’s been getting me great returns for the last 8 years.  He’s created this fabulous income plan that has more money coming in than we ever dreamed possible.  And boy, or boy, does he take good care of us.  You have to sit down with him!”

What is their friend Bob going to say?  “That’s OK, I got a guy.”

How does your client feel?   Rejected.  When will they refer again?  Never.

Now don’t get me wrong.  If someone ASKS your client if they know a good advisor… then they will absolutely refer to you.  But, then we are just waiting passively for that miracle to happen.  It’s why we get a few referrals every year… but don’t get them on a regular basis.

Or maybe you have that one guy in a hundred that loves to bird dog for you.  Loves to talk you up.  Terrific!  But how many of your clients are like that… and how long before that guy runs out of friends to talk to?

You need a referral system that is active instead of passive… and above all, predictable.  After 35 years in the professional sales business… I finally found the one referral that actually works.

You must make them want to refer for their OWN benefit… not yours… not their friends… but for themselves.

How do you do that?  It’s NOT by offering compensation for referrals.  It’s been tried.  It doesn’t work.  People feel “dirty” getting paid to sic, what they are afraid their friend will think is a salesperson, on them.

Instead, here’s what you need to make this referral technique successful:

  1. It has to benefit your client at the gut level. It must help them avoid something that would be very unpleasant.
  2. It has to be apparent to them, that the benefit is for them alone… and that you will NOT benefit by selling their friend something.

This second one is tricky.  I mean, we do want a referral so that we can bring them on as a client… and eventually sell them something, right?  Otherwise, what’s the point of the referral?  Don’t worry, we will sell the person they refer something… but it cannot be the first thing we do.

So, your client must believe they are referring their friend or family member to receive a NON-financial service or value.  Something that has NOTHING to do with what you get paid to do.  Nothing to do with investments, insurance or investment software.

The reason for this is that your client will be willing to refer their friend or family member, if they think it is for something valuable, that has nothing to do with money.  They aren’t comfortable referring, if they think you are just going after the money… and as we said, they know that the person they refer will reject them, if it’s just about the money.

What I use to achieve this is a list of 7 NON-financial things that are simple to take care of up front… but if not taken care of… could cause big problems down the line.  Time… money… and hassles.

Using a NON-financial offer makes the referral easy.  Here’s how it would go:

  • Give your client the NON-financial benefit (in my case the 7-item checklist) … at no cost. Simply a value-added benefit that you are now offering to your clients.
  • Walk through all the negative consequences that would/could happen to your client if you hadn’t helped them by giving them this benefit.
    • Have them realize the time… money… and hassles you have helped them to avoid in the future.
  • Then simply say:
    • “Do you have anyone in your life that looks to you for advice… or comes to you for help… maybe runs things by you?
    • “Would you like me to do these NON-financial things for them too… because if we don’t, who are they going to ask for help and drag into their problems… all the time, money and hassles? Who do they look to for help?”
    • “Would you like me to take care of these NON-financial things for them… so that their problems… don’t become YOUR problems?”

They make the referral because it helps them avoid the HUGE problem of being saddled with helping out a loved one, when this thing happens to them.  They will actually schedule the appointment with the referral for you!  No chasing… they schedule it for you!

Now this does not work with all clients.  It only works with clients who have family or friends they help out.  That may only be one out of 5 of your clients, but they will give you multiple referrals.  And the kicker is… when a Center of Influence makes that referral… schedules that appointment for you and the person they are referring… how good is that referral?  It’s as good as done.

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Get the Best Advice on How to Grow Your Business… You will blow your competitors away!

If you are looking at leveraging the newest and best ways to reach clients, here’s a great way to do it that doesn’t cost you an arm and leg.  Consider sponsoring a marketing, design or public relations class at a local university.

Students will come up with lots of fresh ideas that you did not even know existed.  They’ll even build you tools you can use, that would cost thousands, if you hired a professional company to do them.  This is so effective, even huge companies like Steel Case and Fossil Watches do this regularly.

It is effective for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s inexpensive. Universities are looking for real life experiences for their students.
  2. You own the ideas!
  3. You get to scout for local talent that you can use when they graduate

Let these budding professionals impress you with their creativity, knowledge and ideas that will make you shine over all of your competitors.

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